Our Services

01 | Technology Consulting

By realizing your organizational strategy and company needs, we provide end-to-end consulting services through our knowledge and expertise in technology consulting.

• Digitalization strategy
• Maturity assessment
• Engineering design & implementation
• Feasibility study

• Cloud migration
• Technology use case development
• Technology project management

02 | Cybersecurity

With our knowledge on wide platform of technology architecture, we help you assess, manage, and reduce your cyber risk while maintaining your continuous innovation

• Security maturity assessment
• Security project management
• Strategy, risk, and compliance
• Procurement business partner

• Cloud migration
• Security monitoring advisory
• Security process automation

03 | Product Development

With our comprehensive understanding in engineering, product design, prototyping, manufacturing, and deployment, we deliver outstanding innovation through execution

• Engineering/manufacturing
• Process optimization
• Robotic process automation

• IoT development
• Rapid prototyping
• Customized solution development

04 | Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Empower existing people and process by leveraging the power of AI in your business to boost your efficiency, productivity, growth and achieve greater business impact

• Data collection automation
• AI process automation
• Maturity Assessment

• Use case identification workshop
• AI Development
• AI deployment and implementation

05 | IoT and Automation - Industry 4.0

Embrace the digitization, digitalization, and automation journey to create a fully interconnected, integrated, and smart cyber-physical industry operation

• Digitize operation technology to data
• Develop digital twin and thread
• System integration
• Cloud based real-time control and monitoring

• Robotic process automation
• Develop predictive use case
• Customized IoT solution

06 | Software Services

Take advantage of our diverse pool of professional engineers outsourcing service to enable experimentation with new strategies and low risk deployment

• Custom software development
• Business process automation
• Test automation
• Program, project, and service management

• Security
• AI and Analytics

07 | Project Management

We work by your side to connect your organization business requirement and outsourced vendor providing the services to assure quality and manage delivery volatility

• Project and program management
• Business process outsource
• System integration advisory

• Project integration management
• Security project management
• RFP and POC outsource

08 | Data Management

Create your corporate gold mine through harvesting, storing, and utilizing data efficiently, securely, responsibly, and broadly to deploy business application solution and drive analytical decision-making

• Maturity Assessment
• IoT driven data collection
• Data modelling and architecture
• Centralized data collector and platform

• Applying automation to data management
• Use case development

How We Can Help


Discussion and Conceptualization: Define, structure, and identify opportunity

It all starts with an immersive focus session where we recognize your vision and dive into your ideas from head-to-toe. Through our understanding, research, and concept studies, we will closely evaluate how your ideation could be feasible in application. Aggregating all outputs, we will craft an effective value proposition and create a comprehensive brief on the project.


Research Report

High-Level Design

Project Brief


Maturity Assessment: Understand where you are in the journey

We immerse into your organization to gain understanding on your current state of maturity and identify the gap to be closed and recommended action items prioritized by considering the value, effort, budget, and risk to achieve your organizational objective


Maturity Report



Design Workshop: Determine where you are headed and how to reach the goal

We run through all the pain points, requirement and interest of every stakeholder and create a list of specification requirement, identify high-value functions, set specification requirement and a design solution for your digital transition and technology implementation


Design Solution

Project RACI Matrix



Development and Implementation: Let us support your needs!

With a clear requirement and specification, we develop your technology solution to bring your idea to reality. We will gather and leverage user feedbacks to further refine and improve the concept then check on compliance, execute the implementation, roll-out the solution before proceeding to train and hand-over to your team


Developed Solution





Project management: Transform a well-planned project into a well-executed work of art

Any implementation phase may involve parties of different technological background/platform and require coordination to put the project into action. We work by your side to connect your organization business requirement, outsourced vendor, and in-house team project partner to execute the plan, deliver result, report on progress, and mitigate risk throughout the project


Implementation Plan

Progress Report

Post-Mortem Report


Retention and after-care support: Let us know if you need help!

We stay ready to continue support on both organizational training or more piece-meal technological development where required. We will also optimize the development process and organization workflow if the developed system is to be scaled and deployed widely. Various aspects of after-services with regards to business model, performance metrics, service portfolio, and development planning are open for discussion


After-sale services

Operational training

Development training

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A mobile app which allows customer to order from various food vendors, anytime, anywhere.

Tring, Food Catering Service | Indonesia

A Plus, One - Stop HR Solution

A cloud attendance software that provides a one stop solution to support all aspects of the Human Resources functions, minimizing and optimizing administrative workflow.

A Plus, Attendance Management System | Indonesia

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We continuously strive to bring the best out of our client’s investments by providing innovative and practical technology solutions.

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